TRUE STORIES is a web-based documentary series by Lea Becker. Watch over 100 episodes here.
Each episode is the favourite anecdote of a different story teller. The protagonists are ordinary people of every age and origin. Each season has a different focus, like a city, a country or a common theme. With almost 100 episodes online to date, the collection grows steadily. Revisit the site regularly to discover new stories!

In each episode, story tellers share an anecdote from their live, which is particularly memorable to them. The protagonists are ordinary people of every age and origin. Each season focuses on the inhabitants of a different city with the collection growing steadily. There are episodes from WORKERS, MUNICH, OKTOBERFESTJAPAN, BERLIN and NEW YORK.

The project has been invited to the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis 2017, the DOK.fest 2017 and the LITERATURFEST MÜNCHEN 2017. It’s been written about in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (click here for the article).

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© Lea Becker
All protagonists, Kirch Stiftung, Hr. & Fr. Rein, Fr. Hesselberger
University Of Television And Film Munich, Fr. Prof. Krützen

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